Support for Playstation EYE

I’ve added support for the Playstation EYE camera. Why? Good question! This cheap little camera actually packs a powerful punch, and could be compared with expensive industrial vision sensors. It can capture images of 320×240 at around 180FPS (!), it has a very low noise sensor, and all the parameters are fully controllable. This sure beats a webcam at 28 FPS. It is also capable of some image transforms itself, such as translation, rotation, scaling, and also some cool ones like lens correction. Features such as white balance, gain, exposure can all be set in real-time.

The APRON plug-in is actually a wrapper for the “free for commercial use” driver by CodeLaboratories, and I must say they have done a superb job.

Most of the APRON algorithms included in the demos will use this camera from now on (just check the filenames). This feature has really increased the power of APRON as image capture was traditionally the bottleneck. Not any more!

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