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TUTORIAL: T0 – The Basics

The code below is a good starting point for looking at the basics of APRON syntax. APRON is an interpreted functional script, where all commands are of the form y = f(x1, x2, x3). Each line of APRON code directly … Continue reading

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Demo: Object Tracking

The following demo video shows APRON (with the aid of a CUDA plug-in) learning and tracking an object selected by the user. The algorithm behind this is quite naive, but shows surprising robustness to rotation.

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Example: Simple Camera

The “Hello World” of APRON examples is the simple act of grabbing an image from a webcam and displaying it in the simulator. The script below uses the plugin. First the camera is initialised to capture images at a … Continue reading

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Site Transfer

As it seems this APRON thing may be on the brink of taking off a little, I have decided to update the public face of APRON by changing to a more maintainable website. Please be patient whilst I transfer the … Continue reading

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